Thursday, April 15, 2010

...Wait...Do You Hear Something....?

I was painting until 12:30 last night. It is a nice time to paint when everything is quiet and you know for sure the phone won't be ringing with the inevitable beyond irritating salesgoon trying to inveigle you out of more of your moola.....yes, indeed or perhaps a chance to have a qualified expert take on the unenviable task of cleaning your carpets...(I wonder if they move furniture first...) Anywhereisthepointway, there be I in the semi peaceful wee hours when I heard a faint something. It was a strange kind of soft 'huffing' yet seemed to have a 'sqeeky' quality to it. "What the heckaroonies", say I , "don't tell me it's a mouse!" And then you must picture me moving furniture and crawling along the floor peering nearsightedly under the bookcases (I have 4...did I mention I like to read?) and also being very quiet because it is a: late and b: we don't want to scare the 'mouse' into jumping out unexpectedly.
Now right here I'd like to advocate for myself as that last statement is truly ludicrous when you think about it ; so may I reiterate that it was after a long day of painting....
Meanwhile as I was making my way around the room I notice that the 'noise' is growing louder...and it seems to be emanating from behind the space heater where Jams likes to curl up and snooze. Well obviously you can see the conclusion here as it was Jams making the noise because she was snoring.
I can't even think of what to add to that.
Painting is : "Girl and Cat" by Pierre Renoir......I like it because it makes me think of me and Jams and out of most of the cat paintings I browsed looking for an image to go with this tale, it seemed the most 'professional', if you catch my drift. There's a lot of cat paintings out there but sadly most tilt over to the maudlin side of things. Mind you, this does have a touch of that too. The BEST cat paintings are done by Japanese Artists of old I think - just couldn't find one that worked.

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