Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok...this is the last Robot I'm doing for a took me 2 days to clean up the digs and organize myself for the new paintings in the 'RITA' series. Got some brand new - to me anyway - photos from the dutch rellies in Holland and a couple of them are real ace for inspiration. So I finished this little beauty today and gathered up the bolts and the nuts and the washers and the bike parts and the etc etc etc - a whole blessed TOTE full ( and we are really happy to have another tote of stuff to store away) This little number is called "FETCHING" and isn't she just with her little poochie too!

Head: a 'wedding' tin I saved that I added little parts and eyes to - her 'hair' is old pc plug ins
Body: a lamp bit and cat food tin
Arms: old skateboard trucks and bike bits
Hands: old sewing machine feet
Legs: Swing arm attachment from a fan * She actually will rotate!
"Poochie" is made from a bike handle, picture wire attachment, bike gears and incense burner thing...(? what do I know -got it at the church rummage sale) The tail is a spring and a 'hoodie' tie holder. *It WAGS! And the 'bone' is a cheeep nut wrench.

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