Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok...We've been a busy little professional Artist...and also kinda gave up on the other site that was impossible for me to load up pics from my dial up situation and consequently had to ask the Gallery Guy to do it for me as if he has all the time in the world to do this Art Diva's bidding and finally got my large leather butt in gear and did it myself........
Anytakeabigbreathway, go to:
There we are!
And some good things for your perusal.

The Painting is "Parade" by Harvey Dunnerstein. I like the extreme silliness. Naked cavorters and skeletons and a beat you can dance to.....yep, that's my kind of parade.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sadly, there WERE pics shot last night with the lights shining and me and the birthday girl (that's her up there) in all our groovy duds but the person I had handed my camera to was, unfortunately, I think, in an alternative consciousness, as those photos are all REALLY fuzzy.
And I look like a patchwork sofa.
NOT my magic mirror for sure.
But it was a swell time and I got told I was a 'beautiful woman' by an old authentic hippie guy so that makes up for the lack of a magic mirror.
Oh and I had fun.
That's my report of 'What I did at the Hippie Party'.......hope I pass. the end of the evening the kids - and there were lots of those what with grandkids and grandkid's friends and children of younger friends etc - had pretty much destroyed the 'installation'. I guess you'd call that 'interactive art'.
PPS. After I took off my 'outfit' I noticed that I had ripped my jeans and the stiching in my 'ass patch' was unravelling and I had a tear across the back of my vest.
I think my clothes had a good time too.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

I just saw a photo of the folks from our own local garden paradise "Tofino Botanical Gardens" (see my link) turning the soil in their kitchen garden. (They have a restaurant attached to the Gardens that serves fresh local produce, right from outside their door - can't get more local than that!)    Anydirtunderthefingernailsway, I got the biggest longing for gardening when I saw that photo. I used to be a part of the 'green gloves' brigade. Sometime in the last century before becoming seriously 'painterly', I gardened with all the joy that playing in the dirt can bring. I had a hugely awesome garden and being as that 'arty' eye got in there a lot, I also had a garden filled with cool 'stuff'. Like sculptures and hand built funky driftwood birdhouses and assorted found objects that were pleasing to (well, mine anyway) the eye. My last husband taught me how to make the concrete sculptures....well, he didn't teach me to sculpt per say, he taught me how to work with concrete and I got creative with it. I started making all sorts of strange creatures for here and there. My best was a 3 foot high rabbit...ah, so cool. Sadly these past splendors have been lost in a sea of blackberry  canes and weedy things and neglect. It hurts my heart to admit to that.
But you have only so much time to give to things and right now, especially since I'm trying to survive as a professional artist, that beautiful garden of my mind will have to wait. 
But someday, someday........

The painting is: " Beginnings" by.... ME! I thought maybe it was time to feature my own work. This was one of the old photos of my mom, Rita, that I turned into paintings...the photo that actually started it all. And here it is:
What a beauty she was. This was the photo she gave my Dad after he met her as part of the Liberation Forces in Holland WW II. I'm adopted so I didn't inherit the hair or the legs, sigh.
Time time time......see what becomes of me.
Oh and apologies for all the 60's music titles....I'm stuck on that theme. PARTY Sat night!! I promise to get a photo of yours truly in the whole get up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Peace and Love in Strawberry Fields Forever with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.....etc.

Vest and completely blown hands after because even using a leather punch is hard hard hard work:
...and next on the agenda: making a 1968 VW Hippie Van....seriously. I'm mocking up the 'inside' and side door out of cardboard. Will have obligatory 'foamy' and many many many pillows, aka 'Taking Woodstock' (the movie).

Don't you want to go to the parties I go to?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keep On Trucking

"HIP-EYE" finished version....front.......a-a-a-and back:
Psychedelic..............we'll be trippin' for sure......probably literally with bell bottoms like that!
Tomorrow...the leather fringed and beaded vest.
Suddenly.......I feel like playing some Jefferson Starship.....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Far Out, Man!

Ok kiddies, climb aboard the Magic Bus 'cause we're about to head down the old hippie highway. Oh yeah. All this retrospective is due to my latest project/wasting art time as I have a dear friend who is turning 65 and as she's an old hippie - that's the theme of her party. So I've been making myself some 'hippie pants'. And that, just like poop follows birds flying overhead, lead me into digging out my actually really honest own 'hippie jeans' that I wore when I was 18 years old. 1971. 41 years ago. And, yes, I've carted them around with me throughout all the lifestyle changes......which is either certifiable or just anal......ok here they are:

They are admittedly showing their age. And since we had no electricity up at the commune (oh yeah, I was the whole package, baby) those are all hand stitched on. These pants have a 'touching' history to them too as they originally belonged to a young man that I was terribly in love with. He died at the young age of 24 in a fishing boat accident and I remember his funeral as being the worst one I have ever been through. Blessings upon your memory, Peter.
Anysmallfragilelifeway, I was a denizen for a while on a commune up in Northern B.C. and lived in a 3 room tree house my boyfriend of the day with friends built. It was pretty damn magical, I must say. Those pants used to have a pair of suspenders but time has disappeared them into the vault of memory only.
Okey doke, on to hippie pants # 2.
I made these in the early 1980s. Can't remember why, but I did have access to a sewing machine which made the whole project a lot easier! I do remember I also got access to a lot of fabric pieces which, if memory serves, I took out of a discarded fabric sample book a friend gave me. Those were some hot duds to wear but they were heavy! And more temperature hot, if you catch my drift.
And now, this era's offering:
I took the photo before I completely finished the stitching on the leather bum patch - oh boy my hands are sore and I bent the needle all to heck doing that.......eesh. Do we see a pattern here? Yeah, like patches, huh? Also the rear end has, um, expanded through the years. Sigh. I was going to make a pair of moccasins but after my experience with just a bum patch am re figuring that creative spurt, instead I'm remaking an old suede jacket into a fringed vest....!
Ah huh. THAT should be easier.......

The opening image is an old poster from @ 1967 or 68 by Bob Masse from Vancouver who was super famous for those type of iconic 'hippie' posters. I loved his work and did many many copies of them. I'm sure he was a huge influence on me.
Peace, man.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Lookie Me

Pic # 1
I've been fooling around taking my picture in my 'magic' mirror (see the post from Feb 2011) This strange and certainly narcissistic pastime is due to me booking a number of shows and needing a bio pic. So I just posed in my paint spattered finery tonight without dressing up or 'gilding the lily' (makeup) and here's the results.
Well, blow me down, as that big armed spinach eating cartoon star from my past would say. Now, it's no secret I consider myself about as photogenic as old rags but by all that's inexplicable, these are not that bad. I call that first one, "Collage of the Artist". (BWWA-Hahahahaaa.....I really amuse myself) (yeppir, pathetic)
Huh. Here's another:

Pic # 2
Sheesh. The hair looks good, there's no double chin or other embarrassing parts discernible.....defies all natural laws. I call it "Colorful Heart".
Anywearapaperbagonyourheadway, I'm just foolin' around. What the hey-o, that's about as exciting my life is right now. I like how it's my boob that gets all the paint.
Are you absolutely jaw-breaking yawn bored yet? Let's try another......

Pic # 3
Well, that's about all for tonight folks.......really I need a hobby.
If any of you lovely people are so inclined you can vote for your fav for me to use as the 'artist photo' in my new Bio write up.
Wow, that'll be fun.
No, seriously, I need a hobby ......maybe I'll take up painting.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love In A Not So Hot Climate

Ah.....Valentine's Day is again rearing it's commercialized head......and apart from the loathing I have about the fact that for many it's become compulsory for the 'other' in a partnership to show some token of affection, the whole idea that if you can only show your love for someone once a year - whatever form it takes - is just plain sad.
All that aside, this particular day for a single person is akin to digging in the open sore with an icepick. For me, a 3X divorced older woman who seems to have completely missed the mark with Cupid's arrow, it is all the horrid reiteration of how lonely I am.
Ok, I DO have Jams and she's pretty affectionate for a cat - those denizens of aloof disdain - but I really miss laying my head on a shoulder.
Anylove'slabourslostway, I have a poor track record with the whole love thing and at this point I'm so freaked out at the whole idea of it due to the bad track record, I am frozen in this limbo of aloneness.
Now, I do have enormously cherished friendships and for certain a lot of love is evident there but I think most, if not all, of us would agree that we all want that 'other' beside us as we travel through the vicissitudes of life. Yeah, lots of us grizzle about our others but, boy oh boy, when push comes to shove, we're darn glad that body is beside us.
I'd love to have brilliant insite into this whole thing called love but, like all of us inhabiting this beautiful chaotic planet, haven't got a clue and, respectfully, neither do any of the so called experts.
So, if you are blessed enough to have a someone along your side, take a moment to realize just how darn special that is. They may fart or snore or drive you crazy, but they are there. We are wired to partner. Certainly give them the recognition on the 14th but, please oh please, throw in some special the rest of the year too.

The painting: "Love and Tears" by Devin Crane. Devin is a graphic illustrator who is very well known in the animated film world. (Princess Frog movie Disney) and many others. I just really like this. Pretty much a great illustration of how I am.....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

La-a-azy Day

This is how Jams likes to spend her day.....nose to the heater and paws underneath for the maximum of enjoyment. This is her bed:
You will notice it too resides right by the heater. And, yes, that is a hand made quilt she rests her weary cat self upon.
I am thinking that I'd like to trade places with her. Food on tap, fresh water daily, choice warm spots, personal doorperson, pets on demand.....what's not to like?
Ok. Being your own toilet paper; not so much. But there's balance in all things, huh?
Anycrazycatladyway, I have to perform an unpleasant must-be-done task tomorrow evening and am just wishing I had the ability to trade places with Jams at the moment. But that's the way it goes in life - the good, the bad, the ugly. However, outcome (we hope!) will be the clearing of a heavy burden from my shoulders and the time to paint......just paint.
Ah......bliss.........and that beats curling up by the heater anyday.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things That Go Bump in the Night

I've been completely immersed in the series "Supernatural" over the last bit...ok, that's almost embarrassing to admit to but I just love those 2 main characters because, well, because they make me think of my own sons....not that my sons go around hunting down the minions of evil incarnate. It has something to do with the way the characters continuously razz the shit out of each other but underneath would give up their own life for the other. My boys are tight like that....and they are hunks too but I may be slightly biased. Anymomsymomentway, what this all has me musing about today is our complete fascination with all things creepy. Witness the huge Vampire blitz in movie, book and etc along with a goodly dose of those perpetual favs, the Zombie, both currently in the spotlight.
Why are we so taken with these completely imaginary beings - well, I guess that does depend on your viewpoint - however, there is a long history of we 'ordinary' folk being attracted to the scary. Do we love the adrenalin rush that being terrified out of our skins brings? I'm fascinated by what humans get attracted to for 'kicks'......high speed, edgy sports, scary shit, emotional blasting (those 'meet-the-mother-of-your-sister-who-is-really-your-grammy' T.V.) dignity loss in front of the world (reality shows) and stupid stupid stupid introduction to your body of illegally dangerous crap.
Are we that bored?
Defies description as to why we want or do a lot of this.......and I'm not in any way qualified to answer that.
The whole scary awful is kind of the eternal mythology of good vs evil.....we've been on that subject since human kind first told stories and made images. Most of us totter along with wobbily hope to make it through this life without 'BAD STUFF' happening but, of course, life does give you hard things to deal with....death, heartbreak, illness, old age - you name it, it all meets us at some point on the path. And then we realize just how fragile life really is and how it can change in the blink of an eye.
That's what is really scary....we just never have any idea of what is coming up.
Some of those scary things is what made me start painting....trying to deal with the overwhelming fear.
There's a rich vein; to utilize a somewhat applicable adage.
Ah, those demons................

The painting is: "The Nightmare" by Henri Fuseli - and it's pretty well known. Give this artist big points for capturing the truly creepy.