Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Lookie Me

Pic # 1
I've been fooling around taking my picture in my 'magic' mirror (see the post from Feb 2011) This strange and certainly narcissistic pastime is due to me booking a number of shows and needing a bio pic. So I just posed in my paint spattered finery tonight without dressing up or 'gilding the lily' (makeup) and here's the results.
Well, blow me down, as that big armed spinach eating cartoon star from my past would say. Now, it's no secret I consider myself about as photogenic as old rags but by all that's inexplicable, these are not that bad. I call that first one, "Collage of the Artist". (BWWA-Hahahahaaa.....I really amuse myself) (yeppir, pathetic)
Huh. Here's another:

Pic # 2
Sheesh. The hair looks good, there's no double chin or other embarrassing parts discernible.....defies all natural laws. I call it "Colorful Heart".
Anywearapaperbagonyourheadway, I'm just foolin' around. What the hey-o, that's about as exciting my life is right now. I like how it's my boob that gets all the paint.
Are you absolutely jaw-breaking yawn bored yet? Let's try another......

Pic # 3
Well, that's about all for tonight folks.......really I need a hobby.
If any of you lovely people are so inclined you can vote for your fav for me to use as the 'artist photo' in my new Bio write up.
Wow, that'll be fun.
No, seriously, I need a hobby ......maybe I'll take up painting.

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