Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sadly, there WERE pics shot last night with the lights shining and me and the birthday girl (that's her up there) in all our groovy duds but the person I had handed my camera to was, unfortunately, I think, in an alternative consciousness, as those photos are all REALLY fuzzy.
And I look like a patchwork sofa.
NOT my magic mirror for sure.
But it was a swell time and I got told I was a 'beautiful woman' by an old authentic hippie guy so that makes up for the lack of a magic mirror.
Oh and I had fun.
That's my report of 'What I did at the Hippie Party'.......hope I pass. the end of the evening the kids - and there were lots of those what with grandkids and grandkid's friends and children of younger friends etc - had pretty much destroyed the 'installation'. I guess you'd call that 'interactive art'.
PPS. After I took off my 'outfit' I noticed that I had ripped my jeans and the stiching in my 'ass patch' was unravelling and I had a tear across the back of my vest.
I think my clothes had a good time too.

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