Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not the First Time I've Done This

I was going through my old Facebook photo albums and found this from a couple of years ago....and, boy, am I glad I had it there 'cause I don't have it in my own pictures album on Picasa....a good reminder to save! save! save!

Celuclay over wire armature, hand sewn clothing from recycled materials, twigs, moss, beads and glass ball

There's another one somewhere so now I'm off to hunt it down.....

On a Roll!


Paparclay, slab built, sgraffito, stamped, hand painted and ephemera added
21" long X 11" high

...and we are having fun fun fun! The 'curious' thing about doing these sculptures is that yesterday, after posting the pics to my Facebook page (I get great feedback from the 'peeps' when I post my art there) I received a call from the Gallery owner (Reflecting Spirit) who said she had woke up thinking about mermaids and decided to do a show of them...and 'HOLA'! there were my pics.
Now is that serendipitous or what?!?
#3 now starting......

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Muckin' about

Slab built, hand painted, stamped, sgraffito and ephemera added
24" high X 12" wide

"SWIM" with fish

Hello, hello, faithful reader. 
I know you've just about given up on this blog - and who'd blame you? Not me and my procrastinating butt - really, I'm around - however what with the Flu and other stuff and well, let's be honest, a decided ennui towards writing anything....where does the time go.
Anymakesomemorelame-oexcuseway, I've still been creating! 
This is a sculpture in Creative Paperclay and if you haven't tried this stuff may I suggest you immediately leave the magic screen and run - don't walk - to your nearest Hobby Store ( Art Supply places have it too but it seems a wee more 'pricey' there ) 
SERIOUSLY in big love with it here! 
Am now working on sculpture # 2. 
At least you know I'll be back to post a pic of it!!

PS...'Sgraffito' is the term for things etched into a clay surface....and the root of 'graffiti'.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blast From The Past

This morning on that new-age-newspaper FaceBook, someone posted the following paintings of mine from some years back....like about 13....14....maybe even 15? It was a nice surprise to be reacquainted with my old stuff. And I am remembering just how much I loved watercolor back then. But the amount of 'fuss' it created to present your finished work was really problematical. I'm talking about the whole having-to-frame-after business, of course. I used to have a mat cutter and a glass cutter and a frame cutter set up in my studio and that took up so much space and mess that I'm not missing it one bit.
But every once in a while I look at my old watercolor paints and if I'm feeling really nostalgic, I'll smell my 'Rose Madder Genuine'.  
Ah, what changes time hath wrought.

If you click on the image, it will enlarge and you can read the poem I wrote too. 
Beach Hat
Sun Above, Shade Beneath
Walk Along A Shell Strewn Beach
Resonant Waves Never End
This is the Soul's Most Perfect Zen
Tideline Jewells, Ocean's Song
Gathered Here To Place Upon...

There's a proper term for this kind of poem that reads in a circle, if you will, but darned if I know what it is. 'Roundelay' pops into my head but I can't find it in my dictionary so I may be completely off the mark. I shall have to go to my poetry friends. 

And here's the other:


No poem. But I did some number of watercolors with poems back then. This was a collection of beach finds that all had some flaw, along with the broken coffee mug it made for a great juxtaposition. 

Kind of fitting for a New Year and musing upon what has gone before.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Once Again - With Feeling!

Ahhhh.......a brand new day of a brand new year. Makes you feel the boundless possibilities of life ahead.....or I would hope that this is true for many. I'm cognizant of there being a great deal of misery and deprivation for a large contingent of humanity across our beleaguered planet. May we all try in our own way to alleviate this unbalance.......
Anymakeanewyearesolutionway, here be we the lucky and this new year gleams before us rather like a new canvas. The potentiality is vast, the outcome somewhat unknown but positive. Exciting.
For me, this year is already off to a resounding Huzzah! My first one person show at a prominent gallery in Victoria B.C. and ...... my son proposed to his lovely lovely joy of a girlfriend.  
Yes, I'm off to a good start! 
Here's wishing all of you all the joy life can bring. 
Oh, and unending inspiration to CREATE!!

The illustration is J. C. Leyendecker and his infamous "New Year's Baby" covers he produced for the now defunct Saturday Evening Post. His illustrations were instrumental in making a baby the symbol of a new year. How about that?!