Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There

You know, this morning I was coming here to 'DELETE' this whole Blog. Couple of things why.....first I read this post by a friend on FaceBook about the 10(?) reasons why no one comes to your blog or somesuch thing - I'll get the right name and link after - and cringed after reading it as I pretty much was doing all the wrong things: writing about my successes; posting my paintings; bitching complaining mightily about my life...etc etc. Apparently this is viewed as B-O-R-I-N-G and not de rigueur in the realm of the Bloggo-sphere. (Am I???) (Horrors)
And I was thinking, it's been well over a year now that I've been trying to be witty or whatever you'd call it and I've gotten 3 comments total. And, admittedly I haven't posted lately because it's actually hard to think of thing....oddly enough. Even the unconventual lifestyle I have.
Oh, and the cat.
Sound evidence that I'm not the myth I think I I was just going to quit.
Well, just like Life likes to do when you think you've got it all sussed.....there was 'K's' little comment on my last post. And somehow, I was renewed.
And all of the proceeding has me thinking about 'feedback' or acknowledgement. An Artist's life is pretty much in the solitary envelope of a studio. Even when you have your paintings on display, it can be in a gallery or Show that you are not around all the times and consequently can miss dialogue about your painting (or you yourself....depending!)
We ALL need to have interaction in our lives. If you constantly put out your 'work' and no one responds, it leaves you feeling, well, alone. And it doesn't have to be even Art, per say. We need that word or that touch to let us carry on no matter what we do. It's a recognition that tells us we have worth in this very aberrated world.
So, THANK YOU 'K' and if i may be so bold....let me know, every once in a while, please, that you are out there. And if I AM worse than watching paint dry (which I am fascinated by because it changes color as it dries and the painting morphs...but I digress...yet again) well, let me know that too. What would you be interested in?
Willing to please.
Painting by Edward Hopper and I forgot to get the title so I will correct that as well...sigh. I love the atmosphere he portraits. THAT is some amazing when you think it's paint and shapes on flat canvas. In the presence of a master, my friends.....
*the addendum:
 7 Annoying Social Media Personality Disorders  
' Morning Sun ' is the title.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Once again while involved in my 'personal fav' wasting time activity, trolling the by-ways of the Internet Highway, I found this gem. And my memory immediately flashed on my brother. My brother, an infinitely good soul if ever there was and a sibling that I love with all my heart, was not a child viewed as being anything special by the grown-ups around us. Mainly, he was considered a 'troublesome' Dennis-the-Menace clone. I believe that one of the first instances of his particular 'bent' surfaced at age 3 when he stood up on the handlebars of his tricycle and pulled down the handle on the Fire Alarm Box attached on the telephone pole at the end of our block. (Do they even have those around anymore?) Anyway the ensuing rush of sound and then arrival of large fire engines was the height of young boy nirvana, I'm sure. And the repercussions from my mother when brought home by the firemen was not, I'm also pretty sure.
Anyahthememoriesway, he wasn't particularly recognized as 'creative' in an 'artistic' sense. However, when he was around age 11 or 12, he started taking apart his bikes and rebuilding them into fabulous creations resembling the one in the the picture above. They were truly remarkable.
My point in all this rambling story-blabla, is that there are so many of us that believe or are not recognized for having any creative 'juice', so-to-speak', yet inside each and every one of us lies the fire of creativity. But lets take a moment to look at 'creativity' in a different light from the obvious talents of painting or sculpture or even sewing etc.
As you go about your ordinary day, the fact that you 'create' each and every moment may escape you. Isn't there a special way you choose to dress? (and I include even those who think 'just-any-old-thing' is not especially creative because it is as well - it's your personal statement of self and that's creativity)  How about those women who 'make-up' their faces? That's 'painting', my dears. And your home environment. The way you place your 'bits-and-bobs' about you is creating, even those who live in the chaos of a self imposed hurricane. Homeless folks will 'decorate' their boxes or small corners too. Well, I've mentioned all this in previous posts.
Thing is, there is a something that calls to us all. And consciously or unconsciously we answer to it.
Today, right now, I want you to start thinking about your seemingly ordinary movements. Recognize how you are 'creating'.
And then kick it up a notch.
Put the toast on the special plate. Add the colorful scarf.  Stick a funny toy on the dashboard. Dance down the sidewalk. (Yes you can! Who cares what they think!)
Bet'cha you'll smile some more!

(*We had a power outage early this a.m. and it's played havock with the pc. My 'spellcheck' feature is disabled as a consequence so forgive the mistakes, even though I actually used my dictionary, a real book!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elusive Artist Sighted.....!

Well, Hi there. Wondering where I was?
(As if......)
I was doing this. And trying to make ends meet.
God love a creative heart but these last couple of months have me envisioning the dark corners of old Montparnasse in Paris' heyday that had a large-ish artist citizenry living on the stealth and grasping pleas for money from friends and family......and, yes, I too have been reduced to this demeaning behavior.
I keep saying small internal prayers to whatever powers may be out there and just hanging on to the gut felt belief it WILL all work out.
Anywechosethelifeway, on we go. Pretty stoked to continue with a series of 'reading' themed paintings. Been finding some very cool old photos in the stash towards this end.
I'll probably be absent again for a bit. Please feel free to promo me to your acquaintances......I'll be ever grateful.
Title of painting:.......I'm not sure. either" Vintage Couch Surfing" or "I Never Saw Her Read A Book", which comes from the fact my mom never read anything but 'Movie Magazines'. It's only now that I realize that this was most likely due to English not being her first language.
* it is some days later and I'm pretty sure the NEW title is: "ORDINARY LIFE". And it's only in the eyes of today that the feeling of 'age' appears. I'm pretty sure, well ever since books and reading became a part of the human experience, that curling up with some good reading was enjoyed throughout the ages. And even now that 'Kindle' is fast becoming a part of our world, we'll still love to read.
Although I'm not sure if someone holding a 'small personal computer reading device' will make as nice a painting.....but I could be proved wrong in time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

THE SEVEN SISTERS - a commissioned work

This was a very interesting commission from my friend Sylvia Harron - one that gave me a huge learning curve and a personal win.First let's introduce you to the ladies.
                                                 And they were some VERY cool women!

Starting Left to right:

Blanche-she started teaching in a one-room schoolhouse and went on to take a Masters in French language and literature in 1949.

Irene-She was Alberta's FIRST WOMAN amature vertebrate palentologist.

Ann-ran a beauty shop (including barbering) during the war in a Pool Room / Ice Cream Shop.

Violet (Sylvia's mom)In the RCAF and was a decoder in the secret service.

Bette-Drove around all over the states and Canada in a convertable.

Dorothy-The Story teller and prankster and the hub of her community.

Beatrice-Accomplished horsewoman and rancher.

I was hesitant at first; I don't think I can actually paint people that are 'people-you-know' so I said this to her. 'That's OK' she said "I like what you do - just catch the feeling of them'. And here's what happened. I DID get them - pretty darn good if I do say so . It was an honor to do this!!
Live and Learn, my friends. Live and Learn.

Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love In My Tummy

...and I feel like throwing up.
OOOO...sour grapes or what. Ah Valentine's Day and to quote my friend Tertia " Valentines Day is a ridiculous concept invented to make single people feel like crap and to line the pockets of over-priced florists, kitch card makers and the manufacturers of naff gifts. " And may I also add that if you can demonstrate your love for someone only on one day, that's just sad. Of course, that being said I admit to thinking if I was in a relationship, getting some wee token on this day does make me feel all smiley.
However the reality is : One year I got an ironing board (I kid you not) and one of the "ex's" was so disconnected from what was going on he usually remembered as he was coming home late and got a choccy bar at the gas station. Nice token of love and consideration, that.
So forgive me my cynical stance.
Anywhatafoolforloveway, I still believe in love. We all do. I don't think there is a person on this earth who doesn't wish for partnership with a significant other. And I have an undying hope in my heart-of-hearts that I'll still be able to find that.
Painting: "Las Dos Fridas" by Frida Khalo. What a painter she was! What a woman she was! And, if I didn't 'tend' to it, we share that 'uni-brow'. Undying and heartfelt reverence for this artist.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In my odd and always eclectic life, I've found a few things along the way that defy the ordinary behaviors of matter, energy, space and time.
I have a 'magic mirror'.
Seriously true.
No, it doesn't have a big green face appearing telling me about the beautiful stepdaughter I need to get all 'HULK' over (however, the green face has appeared occasionally to warn me to improve my behavior....but I digress)
This particular mirror is in a well lit alcove just outside the bathroom and it ALWAYS makes me look good. (baring those aforementioned bad behaviors)
I have no explanation for why this should be. Honestly, it defies belief, but without a lie it just seems I look better whenever I look into it. Now, I have other mirrors in my skimpy artist hovel - 1 large floor length one in the studio along with a large old bathroom one someone gifted to me that is propped up against the wall in my living/everything else room and a very old one above my old antique dresser in my bedroom (however that one is so old it has 'silvered' and makes you appear with  some very odd 'growths' on your kisser) I even take photos of myself in this magic mirror and they ALWAYS turn out swell.
But here's the thing. I ONLY have this magic awesomeness in that mirror. Out here in good old everyday, I look...well, ordinarily schlumpy and odd.
It's like living in a fiction life that rudely ends whenever I glimpse myself in other mirrors or windows.
I wish I could figure out a way to do an 'Alice-in-Wonderland-through the-looking-glass' thing.
Now, that would be magic indeed!
The pic is a photo of Sally Eilers, actress in 29 films from 1930 to 1935. Classy! And I'm fairly certain she looked good in more than one mirror.