Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elusive Artist Sighted.....!

Well, Hi there. Wondering where I was?
(As if......)
I was doing this. And trying to make ends meet.
God love a creative heart but these last couple of months have me envisioning the dark corners of old Montparnasse in Paris' heyday that had a large-ish artist citizenry living on the stealth and grasping pleas for money from friends and family......and, yes, I too have been reduced to this demeaning behavior.
I keep saying small internal prayers to whatever powers may be out there and just hanging on to the gut felt belief it WILL all work out.
Anywechosethelifeway, on we go. Pretty stoked to continue with a series of 'reading' themed paintings. Been finding some very cool old photos in the stash towards this end.
I'll probably be absent again for a bit. Please feel free to promo me to your acquaintances......I'll be ever grateful.
Title of painting:.......I'm not sure. either" Vintage Couch Surfing" or "I Never Saw Her Read A Book", which comes from the fact my mom never read anything but 'Movie Magazines'. It's only now that I realize that this was most likely due to English not being her first language.
* it is some days later and I'm pretty sure the NEW title is: "ORDINARY LIFE". And it's only in the eyes of today that the feeling of 'age' appears. I'm pretty sure, well ever since books and reading became a part of the human experience, that curling up with some good reading was enjoyed throughout the ages. And even now that 'Kindle' is fast becoming a part of our world, we'll still love to read.
Although I'm not sure if someone holding a 'small personal computer reading device' will make as nice a painting.....but I could be proved wrong in time.

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