Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Once again while involved in my 'personal fav' wasting time activity, trolling the by-ways of the Internet Highway, I found this gem. And my memory immediately flashed on my brother. My brother, an infinitely good soul if ever there was and a sibling that I love with all my heart, was not a child viewed as being anything special by the grown-ups around us. Mainly, he was considered a 'troublesome' Dennis-the-Menace clone. I believe that one of the first instances of his particular 'bent' surfaced at age 3 when he stood up on the handlebars of his tricycle and pulled down the handle on the Fire Alarm Box attached on the telephone pole at the end of our block. (Do they even have those around anymore?) Anyway the ensuing rush of sound and then arrival of large fire engines was the height of young boy nirvana, I'm sure. And the repercussions from my mother when brought home by the firemen was not, I'm also pretty sure.
Anyahthememoriesway, he wasn't particularly recognized as 'creative' in an 'artistic' sense. However, when he was around age 11 or 12, he started taking apart his bikes and rebuilding them into fabulous creations resembling the one in the the picture above. They were truly remarkable.
My point in all this rambling story-blabla, is that there are so many of us that believe or are not recognized for having any creative 'juice', so-to-speak', yet inside each and every one of us lies the fire of creativity. But lets take a moment to look at 'creativity' in a different light from the obvious talents of painting or sculpture or even sewing etc.
As you go about your ordinary day, the fact that you 'create' each and every moment may escape you. Isn't there a special way you choose to dress? (and I include even those who think 'just-any-old-thing' is not especially creative because it is as well - it's your personal statement of self and that's creativity)  How about those women who 'make-up' their faces? That's 'painting', my dears. And your home environment. The way you place your 'bits-and-bobs' about you is creating, even those who live in the chaos of a self imposed hurricane. Homeless folks will 'decorate' their boxes or small corners too. Well, I've mentioned all this in previous posts.
Thing is, there is a something that calls to us all. And consciously or unconsciously we answer to it.
Today, right now, I want you to start thinking about your seemingly ordinary movements. Recognize how you are 'creating'.
And then kick it up a notch.
Put the toast on the special plate. Add the colorful scarf.  Stick a funny toy on the dashboard. Dance down the sidewalk. (Yes you can! Who cares what they think!)
Bet'cha you'll smile some more!

(*We had a power outage early this a.m. and it's played havock with the pc. My 'spellcheck' feature is disabled as a consequence so forgive the mistakes, even though I actually used my dictionary, a real book!)

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  1. Oh isn't it true?? Some of us are just a little more apt to 'hear' that something calling to us on a daily basis..Others maybe have tuned it out, or just not recognized it for what it is. But it IS out there, I swear!!
    Thank you for the permission to dance down the sidewalk tomorrow, and for reminding me that I am not alone in my crazy spastic (i like to label them "artistic") thought patterns..