Sunday, February 13, 2011

THE SEVEN SISTERS - a commissioned work

This was a very interesting commission from my friend Sylvia Harron - one that gave me a huge learning curve and a personal win.First let's introduce you to the ladies.
                                                 And they were some VERY cool women!

Starting Left to right:

Blanche-she started teaching in a one-room schoolhouse and went on to take a Masters in French language and literature in 1949.

Irene-She was Alberta's FIRST WOMAN amature vertebrate palentologist.

Ann-ran a beauty shop (including barbering) during the war in a Pool Room / Ice Cream Shop.

Violet (Sylvia's mom)In the RCAF and was a decoder in the secret service.

Bette-Drove around all over the states and Canada in a convertable.

Dorothy-The Story teller and prankster and the hub of her community.

Beatrice-Accomplished horsewoman and rancher.

I was hesitant at first; I don't think I can actually paint people that are 'people-you-know' so I said this to her. 'That's OK' she said "I like what you do - just catch the feeling of them'. And here's what happened. I DID get them - pretty darn good if I do say so . It was an honor to do this!!
Live and Learn, my friends. Live and Learn.

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