Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There

You know, this morning I was coming here to 'DELETE' this whole Blog. Couple of things why.....first I read this post by a friend on FaceBook about the 10(?) reasons why no one comes to your blog or somesuch thing - I'll get the right name and link after - and cringed after reading it as I pretty much was doing all the wrong things: writing about my successes; posting my paintings; bitching complaining mightily about my life...etc etc. Apparently this is viewed as B-O-R-I-N-G and not de rigueur in the realm of the Bloggo-sphere. (Am I???) (Horrors)
And I was thinking, it's been well over a year now that I've been trying to be witty or whatever you'd call it and I've gotten 3 comments total. And, admittedly I haven't posted lately because it's actually hard to think of thing....oddly enough. Even the unconventual lifestyle I have.
Oh, and the cat.
Sound evidence that I'm not the myth I think I I was just going to quit.
Well, just like Life likes to do when you think you've got it all sussed.....there was 'K's' little comment on my last post. And somehow, I was renewed.
And all of the proceeding has me thinking about 'feedback' or acknowledgement. An Artist's life is pretty much in the solitary envelope of a studio. Even when you have your paintings on display, it can be in a gallery or Show that you are not around all the times and consequently can miss dialogue about your painting (or you yourself....depending!)
We ALL need to have interaction in our lives. If you constantly put out your 'work' and no one responds, it leaves you feeling, well, alone. And it doesn't have to be even Art, per say. We need that word or that touch to let us carry on no matter what we do. It's a recognition that tells us we have worth in this very aberrated world.
So, THANK YOU 'K' and if i may be so bold....let me know, every once in a while, please, that you are out there. And if I AM worse than watching paint dry (which I am fascinated by because it changes color as it dries and the painting morphs...but I digress...yet again) well, let me know that too. What would you be interested in?
Willing to please.
Painting by Edward Hopper and I forgot to get the title so I will correct that as well...sigh. I love the atmosphere he portraits. THAT is some amazing when you think it's paint and shapes on flat canvas. In the presence of a master, my friends.....
*the addendum:
 7 Annoying Social Media Personality Disorders  
' Morning Sun ' is the title.

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  1. Adreas Surrano is credited with the quote: "Any response is better than indifference." I agree with the statement.

    I think that you've exposed yourself, Marla, and shown your vulnerabilities here. I think you're genuinely courageous. I love you as a human being, and adore your work.

    When I read this blog, I feel as though I'm let into the secret life and mind of a truly great artist.