Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love In My Tummy

...and I feel like throwing up.
OOOO...sour grapes or what. Ah Valentine's Day and to quote my friend Tertia " Valentines Day is a ridiculous concept invented to make single people feel like crap and to line the pockets of over-priced florists, kitch card makers and the manufacturers of naff gifts. " And may I also add that if you can demonstrate your love for someone only on one day, that's just sad. Of course, that being said I admit to thinking if I was in a relationship, getting some wee token on this day does make me feel all smiley.
However the reality is : One year I got an ironing board (I kid you not) and one of the "ex's" was so disconnected from what was going on he usually remembered as he was coming home late and got a choccy bar at the gas station. Nice token of love and consideration, that.
So forgive me my cynical stance.
Anywhatafoolforloveway, I still believe in love. We all do. I don't think there is a person on this earth who doesn't wish for partnership with a significant other. And I have an undying hope in my heart-of-hearts that I'll still be able to find that.
Painting: "Las Dos Fridas" by Frida Khalo. What a painter she was! What a woman she was! And, if I didn't 'tend' to it, we share that 'uni-brow'. Undying and heartfelt reverence for this artist.

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