Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Once Again - With Feeling!

Ahhhh.......a brand new day of a brand new year. Makes you feel the boundless possibilities of life ahead.....or I would hope that this is true for many. I'm cognizant of there being a great deal of misery and deprivation for a large contingent of humanity across our beleaguered planet. May we all try in our own way to alleviate this unbalance.......
Anymakeanewyearesolutionway, here be we the lucky and this new year gleams before us rather like a new canvas. The potentiality is vast, the outcome somewhat unknown but positive. Exciting.
For me, this year is already off to a resounding Huzzah! My first one person show at a prominent gallery in Victoria B.C. and ...... my son proposed to his lovely lovely joy of a girlfriend.  
Yes, I'm off to a good start! 
Here's wishing all of you all the joy life can bring. 
Oh, and unending inspiration to CREATE!!

The illustration is J. C. Leyendecker and his infamous "New Year's Baby" covers he produced for the now defunct Saturday Evening Post. His illustrations were instrumental in making a baby the symbol of a new year. How about that?!

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