Sunday, January 27, 2013

Muckin' about

Slab built, hand painted, stamped, sgraffito and ephemera added
24" high X 12" wide

"SWIM" with fish

Hello, hello, faithful reader. 
I know you've just about given up on this blog - and who'd blame you? Not me and my procrastinating butt - really, I'm around - however what with the Flu and other stuff and well, let's be honest, a decided ennui towards writing anything....where does the time go.
Anymakesomemorelame-oexcuseway, I've still been creating! 
This is a sculpture in Creative Paperclay and if you haven't tried this stuff may I suggest you immediately leave the magic screen and run - don't walk - to your nearest Hobby Store ( Art Supply places have it too but it seems a wee more 'pricey' there ) 
SERIOUSLY in big love with it here! 
Am now working on sculpture # 2. 
At least you know I'll be back to post a pic of it!!

PS...'Sgraffito' is the term for things etched into a clay surface....and the root of 'graffiti'.

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