Sunday, February 5, 2012

La-a-azy Day

This is how Jams likes to spend her day.....nose to the heater and paws underneath for the maximum of enjoyment. This is her bed:
You will notice it too resides right by the heater. And, yes, that is a hand made quilt she rests her weary cat self upon.
I am thinking that I'd like to trade places with her. Food on tap, fresh water daily, choice warm spots, personal doorperson, pets on demand.....what's not to like?
Ok. Being your own toilet paper; not so much. But there's balance in all things, huh?
Anycrazycatladyway, I have to perform an unpleasant must-be-done task tomorrow evening and am just wishing I had the ability to trade places with Jams at the moment. But that's the way it goes in life - the good, the bad, the ugly. However, outcome (we hope!) will be the clearing of a heavy burden from my shoulders and the time to paint......just paint.
Ah......bliss.........and that beats curling up by the heater anyday.

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