Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love In A Not So Hot Climate

Ah.....Valentine's Day is again rearing it's commercialized head......and apart from the loathing I have about the fact that for many it's become compulsory for the 'other' in a partnership to show some token of affection, the whole idea that if you can only show your love for someone once a year - whatever form it takes - is just plain sad.
All that aside, this particular day for a single person is akin to digging in the open sore with an icepick. For me, a 3X divorced older woman who seems to have completely missed the mark with Cupid's arrow, it is all the horrid reiteration of how lonely I am.
Ok, I DO have Jams and she's pretty affectionate for a cat - those denizens of aloof disdain - but I really miss laying my head on a shoulder.
Anylove'slabourslostway, I have a poor track record with the whole love thing and at this point I'm so freaked out at the whole idea of it due to the bad track record, I am frozen in this limbo of aloneness.
Now, I do have enormously cherished friendships and for certain a lot of love is evident there but I think most, if not all, of us would agree that we all want that 'other' beside us as we travel through the vicissitudes of life. Yeah, lots of us grizzle about our others but, boy oh boy, when push comes to shove, we're darn glad that body is beside us.
I'd love to have brilliant insite into this whole thing called love but, like all of us inhabiting this beautiful chaotic planet, haven't got a clue and, respectfully, neither do any of the so called experts.
So, if you are blessed enough to have a someone along your side, take a moment to realize just how darn special that is. They may fart or snore or drive you crazy, but they are there. We are wired to partner. Certainly give them the recognition on the 14th but, please oh please, throw in some special the rest of the year too.

The painting: "Love and Tears" by Devin Crane. Devin is a graphic illustrator who is very well known in the animated film world. (Princess Frog movie Disney) and many others. I just really like this. Pretty much a great illustration of how I am.....

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