Friday, February 24, 2012

Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

I just saw a photo of the folks from our own local garden paradise "Tofino Botanical Gardens" (see my link) turning the soil in their kitchen garden. (They have a restaurant attached to the Gardens that serves fresh local produce, right from outside their door - can't get more local than that!)    Anydirtunderthefingernailsway, I got the biggest longing for gardening when I saw that photo. I used to be a part of the 'green gloves' brigade. Sometime in the last century before becoming seriously 'painterly', I gardened with all the joy that playing in the dirt can bring. I had a hugely awesome garden and being as that 'arty' eye got in there a lot, I also had a garden filled with cool 'stuff'. Like sculptures and hand built funky driftwood birdhouses and assorted found objects that were pleasing to (well, mine anyway) the eye. My last husband taught me how to make the concrete sculptures....well, he didn't teach me to sculpt per say, he taught me how to work with concrete and I got creative with it. I started making all sorts of strange creatures for here and there. My best was a 3 foot high rabbit...ah, so cool. Sadly these past splendors have been lost in a sea of blackberry  canes and weedy things and neglect. It hurts my heart to admit to that.
But you have only so much time to give to things and right now, especially since I'm trying to survive as a professional artist, that beautiful garden of my mind will have to wait. 
But someday, someday........

The painting is: " Beginnings" by.... ME! I thought maybe it was time to feature my own work. This was one of the old photos of my mom, Rita, that I turned into paintings...the photo that actually started it all. And here it is:
What a beauty she was. This was the photo she gave my Dad after he met her as part of the Liberation Forces in Holland WW II. I'm adopted so I didn't inherit the hair or the legs, sigh.
Time time time......see what becomes of me.
Oh and apologies for all the 60's music titles....I'm stuck on that theme. PARTY Sat night!! I promise to get a photo of yours truly in the whole get up.

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