Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lost In Canvaaa-sss-vas-vas-vas-vas......etc

Here's why you haven't heard doodly from me lately :

Black & White Series #2

So, two things: 1: I have decided to rename the paintings the 'Black & White' series as - most evidently - this seems to be the theme running (#3 now on the easel!!) and 2: I'm tired of the 'Rita' deal as these paintings have now 'morphed' into their own personality so to speak, actually, they have morphed into .....well, me.

Funnily enough; although I guess you could say the whole 'Rita' series were always about me anyway....certainly my own story is what's coming out here and that has a lot to do with why I've 'jumped' a few notches painting wise...I finally found 'my thing' if you catch my drift. A good friend who I haven't seen in some time was over the other day and saw the canvases and was , can I say, startled by the new work. Kept saying "Wow, these are good. No, I mean they are really good "
Also, LIFE is particularly rough right now...oh, yay.....and I'm feeling the bite of the ravenous wolves at my ass.
God, just every once in a while I'm bloody tired of it all. I really think I'm going to be living in a cardboard box if this keeps up.
Yeah, wah wah wah.....shut up Marla.
Go paint something.

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