Friday, April 9, 2010

My Life In Ruins......

I woke up this morning with a bent ear. You know that incredible pain that comes from falling asleep on your ear all wonky under your head and the blood gets sqizzeled off and then when you wake up it rushes back to give you the worst pain for about a minute while you in your 'just awake' fog are wondering if perhaps the cat has been sharpening her claws on you in the middle of the night.
And I have little ears. I hate to think what this is like for anyone with 'large' ones.
Been watching a DVD series from the Library over the last few days called 'Secrets of Archaeology'; some rather strange old history doc with very early CG in it.
(C-omputer G-raphics) The thing about this particular series is the announcer has one of the most hypnotic voices I've ever heard....honestly! I start falling asleep in the first 10 minutes of the program. Don't know if that was the producers aim (;p) but this guy could radically change the life of all the insomniacs on the planet, I swear!
Apart from that strange failing, it's not so bad. I've been wondering what my fascination with these really old past things is and what I figure is that I am continually amazed by what gets left behind in our history on the planet Earth. Mainly just bits that 'we who come after' have to figure out. And that has the mind wondering about how the threads get lost, so to speak. In other words, you have a thriving civilization that has a fair amount of souls in it when things start to go hoopy and the civilization crashes/disappears and all is left and covered by the sands of time until Explorer 'Z' finds that weird bit of rock and digs around uncovering some old city 2000 years old all surrounded in mystery. And he then gets to pretend he really knows what the story is.
Anywhatinhellway, my question is, where does everyone go? And is it a case of ' Pack up the kids, Joe, the place is going to rack and ruin and we're off to the sister's in the new land' kind of thing, where after a few generations everyone just ....forgets ? Or is everyone just swallowed up, which can't be true or else there'd be no-one around to carry on and eventually discover the place that was left behind so long ago. And starts guessing why and what.
It just seems weird to me.
The painting is: "Ruins at Com Obo" (Egypt) by David Roberts 1838 - a facinating guy that travelled to Egypt and was the first artist to sketch the ruins over there.

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