Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Parts, Your Parts and Everything Inbetween

Went to the 'Vagina Monologues' here in our little town last night. It was pretty phenomenal event considering this is a very small place and the talent is not professional.
Blew me away. Really glad I did go.
I actually didn't want to go because I am not fixated on bodily parts as the defining factor in what constitutes me as a woman. And that has, consequently, made me wonder about the whole 'woman' thing.
Now since I'm pretty evidently into women as subject in my paintings, this statement must smack of obfuscation. Maybe so, maybe so; 'goddess' knows I'm pretty confused as to how a 'woman' is supposed to act.
So, anyIhaveboobsway, I'm sitting here trying to fathom why we as an 'other' part of the whole of humanity have such attention on our parts (ok let's rethink that as the other 'other' certainly falls into this fixation as well; shall we say humanity as a whole?) - actually this whole business is hard for me because I pretty much blank my body out.
Wow, there's a statement and a half.
Seriously though, I 'live' up in my eyes.
Let me try to elucidate.
Most of the time I go through my day I'm painting or thinking of creative output, which pretty much involves your eyes, right? Looking at the canvas or the paper or whatever. So my body gets put into another 'place', if that makes sense. And being as I have some strange 'things' about my body, I tend to give it a pass. (Ah woman, thy name is really image challenged)

This is getting twisty because I can't really be clear on all the 'stuff' that this topic carries with it.....*sigh*

Ok, let's just say that I'm not sure if being so into your body is a good thing or not. Defining your worth according to the body isn't for sure.
I just love painting female bodies though.

Well, certainly room for discussion here.

The pic is Judy Chicago's 'Dinner Party' - a classic work. In awe of that too.

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