Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed....No. 1

The ' Z 1- Personal Electrorapter ' "Zippy"

The back propeller actually spins and I plan to put this together with MUSE BOT as an 'automata' sculpture.....probably the most complicated 'thing' I've come up with yet, but what is life without challenges?
Materials: Propeller and wings - old Meccanno set (and those are picture hanger wire holders as 'struts')
Spaceship body - old icing tube thingy (?? so technical me)
Spaceship nose - incense burner lid
Instrument panel -old door striker plate with added ephemera (the 'announcer' is an ear bud)
Character is made from paperclay and painted and clothed by hand with some hair from an old halloween wig.
Ya gotta love it!
P.S....see what I meant about 'smaller' ???

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