Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My, We Are Busy, Aren't We......

Well you know what they say: "Idle hands are the Devil's playground" which I suppose means you are apt to do dumb shit if you are bored and in my particular case means I will cut my bangs or dye my hair in a new and most disasterously un fashionable way, leaving me no alternative but to paint.

The Painting:


Black & White Series # 3

Acrylic 30 X 36

AND, I've gone back into my old photo stash (I have 4 old albums from my paternal grandmother) to see what else can provide more inspiration now that I'm no longer constraining myself with my mom being the subject matter. Found some doozies!

And we have 1 canvas left of 30 X 36 size then will be forced to go to the 20 X 24 ones I got some months back as they were on sale. Not a fan of small mind you, but needs must.

I will have to brave the upstairs roomie and retrieve my old army WW II trunk that is full of photos and memorabilia.

Ya just never know!

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