Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Energiser Bunny Was Busy......

Ok, batteries are important apparently.....sigh. You know, a small battery meter as part of your digital camera would be good to let you know it's time to load up on some more (as opposed to the icon 'battery' flashing... you think?); well, for that matter, an attachment that you could plug in to the wall outlet would also be helpful at times like this.
All of this because I have 3 (!) new little robot sculptures done and ready to show except for the above problem.
Which has me thinking about all the wowzie new techy gizmos surrounding us. All fantastic and - I like them too! - but the fact that when they break down or malfunction, all of a sudden we are stuck. Just like when the power goes out - and out here on the coast it does quite a bit due to wild winter storms - people can be flummoxed wondering how to cope. I happen to have kerosene lamps (my old Hippy days came in handy) and if my upstairs flatmate didn't hate chopping wood so much, I'd have a wood stove too. (Hibachi works in a pinch)
so off to the CoOp we go....perhaps the mega pack is an idea......

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