Saturday, April 3, 2010

Set The Shrink Machine To Maximum Minimum.....

I have one thing to say about the somewhat repetitive cycle I'm least I'm getting faster at these critters...well, guess that's 'cause we are going smaller each time. (insert light bulb over head here)
Just finished this little beauty with the bodacious ta-tas and STILL it's too big.....sigh. Mind you the first one took @8 -10 (? can't remember now) days; this one took 5 and just put one on the heater to dry - smallest one yet - which I estimate will take maybe 2 days start to finish. DID make cool score at the church rummage sale this morning for 'spaceship' parts at a grand total of $6.00 for a bag kind of shopping experience. Can't wait to tackle that!
By the what-in-heaven's-name way; those are 'fish' boots on her feet and I do so want a pair for myself!

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