Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Woke up from a spectacularly great dream this morning. I wanted to go back to sleep I liked it so much! Ah, if only.....anyvisionintheheadway, in my dream, I had chanced upon this fantastic little town that was by the ocean and had canals and fantastic colorfully painted Victorian houses and the towns folk were all out in throngs having a way fun festival that involved going around from one great little shop to another making arty things and eating really good food. (Is this up my alley or what?!?) I was wandering around after ditching my 'dream' companions (if I recall, one was an old boyfriend...not so desirable companion-wise) and loving everything about this town and knowing in my bones that this was where I wanted to was such a longing in my heart.
I wonder if there is a 'real time' counter part to this dream vision, 'cause I'm packing my bags right now. Anyone have a clue? Let me know, will ya?
Painting is: "Impetus of Dreams" by Daniel Merriam whose paintings are described as ' paintings of dreams in full color'.....appropriate for topic at hand, I'd say. this guy is fantastic - I have a very early book of his work from years ago and was pleasantly surprised to find him again.

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