Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Up With The' Boidies'

Been up since 6 am- made coffee ( you know, the grinder is really loud at that time in the morning) made some porridge (thank you great fast food that is almost good for you) and freshened up Jam's food (priorities!). And what in the name of snoozing long, you may ask, would I, who gets to live without a clock to tell her when and where, want to do such a thing?
In a word: the rough painting layout you see here.
Spent yesterday roughing it in and I have to say, I'm right chuffed with the result. It also occurs to me that being this keyed up for a new painting is one of two things; exciting and fraught with peril. Exciting because it's ready to bring to life, so to speak. I get to switch on the color center and play with that magical wave length. As an aside, do you know that color is actually vibrating wave lengths? So you truly are playing with tiny bits of moving atoms....what a concept!
But it can make or break a great layout if you choose wrong, hence the 'peril' part.
In a way it's like what life gives you......play around with color and make it come alive or choose poorly and have a ruined canvas.

Huh, philosophy at 6 in the morning.
Who knew........
I'll be having a nap around 3......

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