Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the next sculpted critter I'm making. The photos show the parts - head, upper body, arms and hands - laid out. I have strung together an arm to show you how it will look assembled. This 'doll' is based on the 'ball-joint' technique which is pretty wild to do, let me tell ya'! LOTS of sanding and fiddly bits to work with but I'm pretty pleased at how it's turning out so far. ESPECIALLY those hands! That was some bit of creative inspiration there! I have plans to get the whole body jointed if possible. The basic medium is 'paperclay' and I got to say that if you ever can get some of this stuff, you'll be right wowed by what it can do. AND it dries paper light because that's what it is, ah duh....takes paint or crayon or ink beautifully. I'm really enjoying working with it. The string is elastic...quite a large gauge as it needs to be super strong when you pull the pieces together. It does need to be sanded to get a smooth appearance but it is not so hard as time consuming.

I've got a major project in mind with this as I'd like to make it 'kinetic' - that's a moving piece....look up 'Chomic and Meder' for some great illustrations on how cool that is!
Fun, fun, fun!

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