Friday, March 19, 2010

Hop In...*koff koff*

Ok, this is just a personal peeve of the moment.....Living in the small place I do, many folks hitch for rides and I usually stop - certainly for women but I pick up guys too. Admittedly I'll give the fellows a cursory check over before making the decision. However! After the last few times of having a guy sitting beside me with a strong odor I'm reconsidering this practice.
Yikes...what a reeking pong they exude! Booze, cigarettes and an aversion to bathing seems to be the eau de cologne of choice .......BAH!
And it sticks to the upholstery, for crying out if you see me just passing you by from now on, go take a bath and I might pull over.
Painting by Evah Fan

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