Monday, March 29, 2010

Changing Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Ah.....big sigh inserted here. Well, this morning as I was (lovingly) (snort*) looking at the critter, I came to the realization that he was just too darn big for the project I want to create.
So we have had to change our "horse", so to speak, 1/2 way to completion. I'm sort of bummed as that was over a week of intense work to get to this point but there ya go....such is Life. So I've got a much smaller critter drying over the heater now.
And this has made me think that one of the blessings about being creative is that you can change your mind. So I made some beef, barley and roasted veggie soup and some organic whole mixed grain flatbread to go with that and went cruising for a pic to post with this little post.
One of the pics I found was used in an article entitled " Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain" by S. Begley which was a book about the scientific evidence that there are measurable changes made in your brain when you meditate or train yourself to do a new skill....kind of fascinating, if I may digress for a bit. This is not that surprising to folks who have lost the use of a limb and had to retrain themselves to use another. Even how stroke victims have to retrain their brain to 'reconnect' as it were. And your brain does, it makes new connections in it's neurons and ...well, stuff...pardon my lack of scientific terminology.
How cool is that?! I'm in the process of teaching myself about moving 'toys' because I want to make this new project as I mentioned. I'm learning about 'cams' and 'gears' and how you put this all together to get things to turn, go back and forth and up and down just with cranking a handle. It's fantastic! Last night I couldn't sleep because I couldn't get my head around how this all worked so I actually logged into the good old Internet and went to a kid's site and just followed along. All I'm saying is 'PEAR SHAPED CAMS'!! Who'da'thunk!? This is a girl who NEVER got the 'science' part of learning...boy! Has that changed! And you got to love the fact that at almost 60 (help) I'm STILL learning and GETTING stuff I never did when I was in my teens.
By Golly, I feel reborn!
...and hungry! Time to eat soup!
The pic is a poster called 'Change' by Russ Willms...I've had this in my collection for a long time and a fav.

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  1. I was just going to weigh in on the name debate...but now will wait to see the new project. That's what I love about you Marla, you are just so dang flexible : )
    Big hugs, Sue