Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moving Right Along

Okey Dokey...we are moving right along with the 'critter' as you can see. I've added hair - found a great 'how to' article on making mohair wigs and that's what I did. I really love the me everything I need to know. And I added freckles to "Fortesque Arthbutt Rawfishington-Trout"......(just take the first letters and you can see where his name came from) And finished the other arm and strung it all up. I'm trying two different body ideas - this depends on where I go with the final look.
It can and does seem to change daily.....
Meanwhile I seem to be experiencing problems with saving and uploading pics the last few days...don't know what that's all about...I often think these things develop their own minds....oooo, scary stuff! seems I'm right into these creations now. So I guess I'll be 'playing with dolls' a while yet!

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