Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strange Days, Indeed....

Aw boy, it's truly been a strange day. Ever had one of those? Not strange as in odd folks around you - that's usually tourist season over here..ha ha..., but a day filled with just the most bizarre conversations and happenings that make you question if perhaps there's been a shift in the earth polarization field that you missed while sitting in your living room, kind of day.

It was my day for that today.

(Maybe it was the fruit fast I was on)

In any case , my little jaunt into town went from the Post Office and 2 oddly shaped packages to being hailed by the person in the Gallery next door.....and here's where things went rapidly into 'Twilight Zone' dimensions. I can't recall what exactly led our conversation from the banal usual 'how ya doin' stuff to a sudden zip into 2012. Now, you have to be in the far reaches of Outer Mongolia (and I may be wrong here) to not have heard about all the buzz around 2012....you know, 'end-of-the-world-major-shift-Mayan-calendar-prediction' thing. It seems to be taking over a good few people's imaginations lately. And, unfortunately, some are getting right twisty about it. I happen to know a local that has sold up and in the process of moving lock stock and barrel to a remote 50 acre parcel of land in Alberta to live off the grid and become hunkered down for the end...yikes.

Anywahoozie, my gallery conversation was right along these lines with me trying desperately to (politely) get out of the topic at hand while being regaled by books to read and conferences to go to (big prophets speaking) and being told about Nostradamus and earth shifting and prophecies and and and, well, feeling akin to Alice down the rabbit hole.

Is it only me that thinks we are really going to become a self fulfilling prophecy by believing all of this? It is a scientific fact the Earth is due for a change of some kind - it's part of what goes on in the Earth's long history - and god knows we are causing some major blowup with global warming and wars and etc etc - but and but again, part of me want to shake the collective bunch of us and yell "CALM DOWN!"

Maybe I have my head in the sand but I sure don't want to go as dolally as so many seem to be going.

I'll start to panic when Jams does.......and that's a hard thing to call.......

Painting : Jack and the Magic Bean Fax-Pas by Brenda Knight

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