Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Send this to 500 people in the next 2 seconds and you'll be given absolutely everything!

Ah, emotional blackmail via cyberspace.

I received, yet again, one of those messages that implore/demand that you send it on to how ever many contacts stipulated and your wishes will be granted but only if you do so in the next day or is it minute...whatever. This makes me crazy. First of all, messages like this usually contain a virus or hidden cookie program that then targets the receiver for an onslaught of Spam.
Second, and the thing that makes me crazy, is this is such a cheap and sleazy thing to do. Does anyone really believe they will be granted everything their little heart desires by emailing a cheesy missive?
Apparently so, otherwise we wouldn't still be getting them.
The last one I got was in rhapsodic praise to 'the good old days'.....1950's to be exact. It blathered on about how it was all "Moms were home when you got home from school" and "Nobody locked their doors" and "Cars were fantastic and gas was super cheap" and "You respected your parents and teachers because they spanked you" and then "double-dared" me to send it on to 10 friends and reap the benefits. There was lots more in this vein but these points stuck in my head. Yadda-Yadda-Yadda. Sigh.
Apart from wanting to scream loudly at this point; allow me to address some of these "good old days" high points, if I may, and since I was born in 1953, I think I can speak to them.
All old days of any generation are "the good old days" because we all think that when we were kids that that was the best time EVER. It's because we are kids that that is so. (And it doesn't hold true for everyone may I add) Our Grandparents thought so, our kids will too and I expect our great-grandkids as well.
"Moms were home"...well, of course they were because women were denied having careers and being a housewife was just about it! And do we want to go back to those dark ages, sisters? I know for sure my mother - who was home - was miserable in her proscribed life and I'm pretty sure she wasn't the only one.
Cars were cool, I'll admit, but the damage to our ecological makeup on this planet from them is catastrophic and gas is playing a big part in that. We are still held hostage to the big car companies and the bizzillion dollar industry-ies that engenders to this day - otherwise we'd have electric cars or other forms of planet friendly alternatives.
How can anyone in their right mind think this was a good thing?
I was strapped with a leather belt until I was 16 years old. Do you think I 'respected' my father because of this? Hell no -I was terrified of the bastard who was 6'2" to my 5'......and I hate him for the shame he made me feel.
OK, deep breath, and let's move on shall we.....
If people are stuck believing that the life they have/are living right now is so awful and they just want to go back to when they were young , well, that's it right there isn't it? We'd all like to be forever young because growing up means life gets complicated and lots of it is messy and sad and difficult but, it is LIFE! and every day you wake up is a brand new chance to laugh, and love and CREATE!
So get to it!
(And send this on to 50 of your friends and you'll get a good feeling...or not)
The painting is: "Happy" by Israel artist R. Pancez

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