Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OK OK< Hold Your Horses!

Wow I really have to watch out what I start creating......Today, after a day of messing around with working on 2 cool new doll figures, I went into town and ran into a friend at the Library that has been after me to teach a class on doll making at her very special B & B - sort of a Workshop thing. I have been putting this off for just about a year now and admittedly feeling guilty about it ( mea culpa mea culpa) Well as I was talking to her I got an inspiration on just what I'd do - a class built around creating 'spirit' dolls, which are sort of like a personal totem and not as structured as a figure would be. And, of course, I told her this and she was excited by and the upshot of that was I'm booked for a workshop @ the first week in November. Then I ran into someone else that hadn't seen my big show in town yet so off to the show we went where I got to meet Ken Kirkby, and got into extended conversations with some folks in the Gallery and was all charged up about painting some more in the Rita Series.......and then I went home and was all charged up by how my dolls were turning out and started scribbling down some ideas in my sketchbook that then led me to thinking about creating an actual kinetic fabric sculpture (that's a moving sculpture) so I went trolling the Internet for 'how to's' and got lost in the fabulous stuff out there and am REALLY charged up about what I'm going to create! THEN I remembered I've sent in my admission to enter the Sooke Fine Arts Show and have committed to 3 pieces for that!
Yikes, I'm exhausted by all the ideas going off in my brain!

The Painting is by James Jean...isn't that the BEST thing you ever've seen?!? I really want that as a tattoo.....

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  1. Honey, you need to clone yourself! And pace yourself.
    Love, Sue