Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm so-o-o tired...but! I just gotta make this.....

Moley Hokes.....tired from my 5 days of Artists-in-Action all over the place. It's not the people or doing the gig, it's the set up and take down that gets to me. Schlepping my buckets and big Tupperware containers and easels and the paintings and works back and forth from van to table and putting it on the table and easels and etc etc etc, then doing it all in reverse at night.
Wah-de-Wah, huh.
I actually love the interaction with the people and that I get to be with other creative souls - that's always my favourite part as our 'juices' get charged up from being around them.
Now I'm creatively 'juiced' it seems.....and the Sooke Fine Arts Show is approaching and I want to go into it again and what has the creative juices hooked me with?
More dolls.......
Honestly I don't know if I should laugh or scream wildly while repeatedly whacking myself over the head with a bag of 'doll parts'.
BUT! Such inspiration!
We'll keep you updated......

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