Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My FIRST Major big show

This weekend up here in Ukee (what us locals affectionately call our town) I'm in my first major name show. I expect some of you won't recognize the names listed along with mine, but in the Canadian Art World, they do mean something.

So, I'm feeling; not nervous per say, but certainly 'strange'. This could mean some great things happening for me but I've done a few laps in the 'art' pool so I'm cognizant of how it can also go completely flat in the blink of an eye - to mix metaphors.
I'm, of course, hoping for a breakthrough career wise -who wouldn't- but whatever happens I'll still be in the studio come Monday.
That's about all I can say.
"Hang on to your seats boys and girls because we're rocketing off for another fun filled Saturday."

1 comment:

  1. Yeah big sister!!! GOOD JOB!!! And so well deserved!! Wish I could see the show! Take lots of pics!