Monday, March 22, 2010

No, It's The Truth Because I Heard It From The Guy Who Knows The Girl Who Knows The Guy Who Know the Girl Who goes Out with The Janitor!"

Sheesh...I've been in the midst of a real vicious circle of gossip lately and it has me wondering just how gullible folks actually are when it comes to the old rumour mill. And it really is just like my rather tongue-in-cheek title suggests. I am astounded how willing we are to believe anything we are told....huh.
After a myriad of phone calls a few weeks ago from a rather well known 3rd party...good visual word that for what gossiping is...about a well known gallery up here allegedly closing, I got sick and tired of it all; I mean, people were saying the 'repo-man' was at the door and all the Artwork was going to be spirited away and locked up in some dark cavern somewhere; for crying out loud in the sink! I asked if anyone had actually talked to the person in question. The reply was somewhat like the title, sadly. So I did write to the person in charge and politely enquire about what was going on because this gallery has been very very good for me and I'd really hate to see it close it's doors.
And they took the time to phone me and talk to me about the real situation and thank me for asking them directly.
Which is: the Gallery is remaining open and looking for a buyer but is endeavoring to honor it's commitments to their artists.
Now, I'm no saint (I may have pointed that out before, I believe, but according to my brother's wife's sister who knows the guy who lives next door it's all a rumour...) OK, we are being very snide. I've certainly been part and parcel of this vicious circle - repeating at random whatever I've heard- and I'm doubly sure I have been on the receiving end of it too....point is: rumours are NOT THE TRUTH!
So if you hear something that comes from 'X' who heard it from 'D' who heard it from 'C' who goes out with 'P' catch my drift....then please go to 'A' and get the real deal.
THEN you can jump into the rumour mill and set everyone straight and that actually is pretty powerful in itself...telling the truth.
Painting: "Gossip II" by Norik Dilanchyan...isn't this a fine painting? Look up more of this Artist's work.

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