Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Name Game

Yes. Indeed. So, since I've changed the 'critter's', (golly, it's tough working with inanimate objects....) I've got to change his name as well to something more "Steampunky".

Here's the list so far:

1. Prof. Obediah Atticus French (OAF..ha ha ha)

2. Luther Obediah Lamb (LOL get it?)

3. Buckminster Illium Revals Drury (tweet, tweet)

4. Inquisitor Abraham S. Smallhorn (...and the initials are....I ASS)
(I'm such a kidder!)

Must say I'm inclined to the last one just because.

So! I'd like some help deciding. According to that little 'stat' thing over there , it says there are some folks actually coming here but I admit to a certain suspicion that it could just be me addictively checking in as I like the look of my blog...vanity thy name is Marla...sigh*

Anywhythehecknot, if you - the great unknown - would help me decide by a vote, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise it's closed eyes and a stabbing finger.


ps... I know the pic isn't 'painterly' but I couldn't resist. It's photoshopped, by the by...

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