Friday, March 26, 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole

How do I explain being swept up in creating to anyone not , well, possessed by the feeling that you've fallen down the rabbit hole and nothing, I mean, nothing is going to take you away; ok, maybe having to go for groceries or the mail or (bleah*) paying bills but I really resent those moments.

And right now we are deep down in that hole with this new sculpture/art doll whataheckdoIcallit thing.

Illustration of how much I'm into this is, I missed a personal invite to a in house private music concert with Ian Tamblyn tonight......sigh. And I expect I'll be unable to explain with any satisfactory excusable way.


So much cool fantastically exciting ideas are flying into my brain! I spent the day researching 'Steampunk' and being consumed with ideas on what and where I want to go/do with my little guy. I've completely changed what I was going to do - except I still want to make it move - but I ended up picking up all sort of little clock gears and some rusty tin sheets and making a fantastic little top hat and little goggles and getting up every couple of hours to cruise the Internet for some more ideas. Oh, and I tidied up my 'area' which is always how a BIG creative spurt works for me.

Yepper, a very very good day!

So, I'm completely satisfied right now but I do feel a tad guilty......I only hope allowances will be made by those who know me.

And if not; ah well, dems de breaks...... painting could be found to capture the feeling of this post. Alice-in-Wonderland stuff was NOT what I was getting at.....however I'll keep looking as you never know what will pop up when you go 'trolling'!

UPDATE! Found one! Le Grand Tour La Mer by Mike Worrall.....great!

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