Saturday, March 31, 2012

Famous Last Words

It seems that the capricious fates love me.....and I say that with a bemused smile and my foot firmly planted in my.........mouth. (ha HA)
 Or maybe it's not that way at all but instead that I'm slowly being taught a lesson and basically need a 2X4 across the noggin to catch on. Again.
So anygettothepointalreadyway, what I'm leading up to in my usual sideways stumbling way is that I just got this message on my Facebook inbox. And after all my moany, whingy, carrying on about having my picture taken , I am a wee bit put in my place.

"I am not sure whether or not I invited you to pose for my series "Artists of Vancouver Island." My daughter Nana Cook said "You need her - make sure she get invited!" So rather than miss I will send this. It would be a 90 minute pose 1:00 to 2:30 or 2:00 to 3:30 PM any day that suits you in April May or June. If you book now I will verify by email and send details which include my address. I hope you will have time to pose!

Charlotte Madison"

Well, this is picture taking of totally different caliber! And one I heartily am in favor of doing.
Hopefully, I will not be tempted to pose as this:

"The Invisible Man" by ParasiteDemon (seriously, that's the name......ah, gimicky thy name is artist)


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