Thursday, March 29, 2012

First color! No calls! No emails! No alien landings! (darn!)

Well there we are.....not so bad and excited by the first bits of color. LOTS of refining still to do but off to a good start.
However.....Yours truly the artist-so-not-techy clicked the wrong app and now cannot upload pics in the we-did-it-this-way-all-the-time way anymore. The whole freeping folder disappeared.What a smozzle. I weep. But you got to admit I'm stubborn because I just kept trying to find a way back and by all the art gods, a new app popped up. So here we are.
Still and all.....the complete idiocy of the operator is beyond fathoming.
Thank Gods and Goddesses I can paint pretty good.
At least you don't need electricity for that!

**UPDATE.....2 HOURS LATER......Remember that stubborn thing? 
OK we actually just reloaded a whole other folder and put the 'new' pics in there. Also learned to NOT try to 'enhance' the photo anymore because that seems to fratz the whole biz up beyond visual acumen...still weeping. 

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