Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yessiree, boyds and girbils, it's the Art Show and the major if decidedly only reason your ever faithful art maven has been absent from her post. Since Monday last, we have put in around 8 to 10 hours every day with a memorable 12.5 hr stint hanging work until the BlackRock Resort - where the show resides - kicked us out because we were hammering too much.
Ah...the joys of setting up.
Opening night reception we had around 125 to 150 folks partee-aying down and sold 8 works to boot!
The first full day - yesterday with yours truly 'the Prez' and her fantastic coordinator 'the Hottie' at the helm for a 12 hr shift - sold 5 more.
ZING!! 13 in 15 hrs.
Can we claim success?
More pics you say? Certainment, mon chums!

I do not know that lovely smiling young man, but the enjoyment of the show is most evident.
And look!

By all that is arty.....a good pic of SURFER, DUDE.
Will wonders never cease.......ok, off to my 2nd 12 hr shift day and, yes, I did actually agree to doing that. It only gets 'strange' after about 7 hrs when me and 'Hottie' descend into weird mayhem of eerie laughter and coded saying banter. just have to be there.
I promise an in depth report after a day of sleep......or two.

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