Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DO NOT DISTURB..or maybe that should read: Please Come In, I'm Disturbed Already

I am, I hope, not so thickheaded that I am unaware of what I get myself into (oh, shaddap)......well, maybe I err on the side of hoping what I get myself into will end up being that elusive 'piece of cake' situation that apparently does happen otherwise why do we have that idiotic saying and what does a piece of cake have to do with the ease of something anydumbsayingway anyhow.....but I digress.
When I took on the role as President of our local Arts Society, I was cognizant of there being a fairly heavy load of events and planning and all the astounding amounts of paperwork running a society brings but I remember making the, perhaps laughable, statement to the good people who requested me taking on the position that I wanted to make it clear my ART came first.
Well.....famous last words and all that.
I am now in the unenviable spot of rock and hard place as the deadline for the big Sooke Show I have been going into over the last 4 years is looming ever closer and due to the overwhelming amounts of energy taken up by the aforementioned societal duties, I find my time must now be jealously hoarded demanded.
But the guilt!
There is still so much to attend to for the upcoming Festivals and because the Art Show was such a resounding success, the call for another one in the summer is reverberating amongst the artist community.
Seriously, how can I deal with this without letting either side down - the artist side vs the ardent Arts Society supporter side......I'm just really tired right now. 
I think I need that clone.

The painting: Well, I'm on a roll with unfindable titles and info it seems as I couldn't find out about this painting either and even trying to google image search something about it I admit to giving up after 11 pages. So I tell you what; if any of you good and steadfast readers know what and who about this painting, please write me in the comments and I'll send to the first 3 viable info senders: one of my 'Ice Cream Ladies' reproductions! Remember the appropriate info or email me artist@island.net
And it's such a great illustration for the subject at hand! I do guess it's Mercury shushing what/whomever behind him....those wingy accouterments give it away and being a Gemini and Mercury is the ruling planet - there's another appropriate symbol.
The End.
Oh, but before I go - the Ice Cream Ladies:

      Chorus Line

Eat, Love, Play

 Glee Club

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  1. Ha, got it! But I don't need the prize as I already have one.
    Hugs, Sue