Friday, March 2, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Greetings, Planetary Cohabitors!
Ok, that's a bit weird - even by my standards - but it's a way to introduce my latest creative craziness....Automata. Automata is defined as : toys that move by hand cranking built on a series of rotating cams. (note:No batteries included!! There isn't even a slot to put them in!!) However those initial 'Toys' have morphed into a whole art form of it's own; I guess you'd say they are 'kinetic sculpture'. Up above is a simple illustration of what I'm going on about.
Here's another somewhat more complex and certainly 'sculptural' piece:

All this started by me wanting to create a special piece for the upcoming Art Show here in town and being as my 'robot sculptures' have been pretty popular I thought I'd make one of those and basically we morphed into turning it into a moving sculpture....hence the Automata shtick. Here's what started that little sideways move:

Ah, great screaming chihuahuas...what a miserable photo...anykodakisnotmyfriendway, it's a 'surfer dude' built out of found bits which lead me to creating this:

..the shark. The Shark. ( had to, had to) And for those of you not as coastal as I am, that's an old fishing lure along with bits of attitude by way of sawtooth hangers and the tip of a pizza server which I cut with my super duper brand new 'Aviator Snips' -( I am in LOVE with those)....ta da!
Yes indeed. The end product -we hope- will be a whole moving sculpture where the surfer dude goes up and down as the shark goes up and down and the bird...did I mention there's a bird too?....goes up and down all at different times.
Y-E-A-H.....that's the plan....speaking of is the plan:
Now if any of you talented readers are so inclined to make one of your own I invite you to do so. All I ask is that you let me know and send me a pic. Hopefully you can take better pics than me.....which is probably a given.
The first Photo of Automata is a piece by Kazu Harada from a great website Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.
and the second photo is a piece by Wanda Sowry
go get inspired!

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