Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poking The Bear

I had to get very cranky this morning.
Emails telling me - after I told everyone I was going in Studio and NOT TO BE DISTURBED - that 'they' told some 'muckity-muck' person I'd phone them back for an interview.
No, no no.
Why is it that those-who-are-not-artists cannot seem to fathom you mean it when you say you are not available period exclamation point for anything short of alien landing in backyard when you are IN STUDIO.
*sigh bloody sigh*
Anywearetryingtogetthepointacrossway, here's what we DID manage after losing our collective cool and finally got left alone:
Start of new Series: "PHOBIA" line drawing layout.

It's terribly faint - I live in a dark little basement apt and even with lights blazing and the flash....well, it just is impossible to get it to be clear. AND yes even Photoshop won't translate without making it so schmecky you can't see it either.
Got to wait for the paint......

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