Thursday, March 22, 2012

Riding on the Coat Tails of Fame

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and here's the story.
I've known Kats since he was a lot shorter than me and considering I'm all of 5' tall, that's a while ago. Just like the story says he would watch me draw and paint and one time he said to me "I want to be an artist too, Marla" at which point I said back "If you want to be an artist, Katsumi, then be one. Just follow what your heart tells you."
The rest is history. The thing about this little story and the above article is that we never know what we may say to children that will stick or be taken away to become a part of what they are. This little bit of life fills me with heart bursting pride for a young man that I lovingly call 'my honorary son'.
I cannot think of a higher compliment to see how successful and accomplished he's become.
Life is good.
(and just one little beensy complaint, but the pic that is attributed to me isn't mine. It's actually Alison Tremain''s this kind of thing that keeps me from having a swelled head. A good thing, I'm sure.)
And I guess we need a pic, huh?

Is this not fantastically wonderful? Really, I wish this was my painting. "Budding Boy" by Julie Heffernan. This captures all the wonderful feeling of having sons and seeing them set off into whatever Life brings.
Ah, boy....having an extreme 'mumsy moment' right now.

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