Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Brush With Greatness....Female Style

Every once in a while, something happens to me that just reaffirms my belief in the absolute magic of life and the people who I meet in it.
Just such a thing happened to me today as I did my 2nd to last 12+ hr long stint for the Art Show.
There I was along with 'Hottie' my cohort, blithering on about .....well, guys mostly, 'cause she's young and I'm full of stories....(won't shut up more like it) and along comes this lovely elderly woman who is fascinated by my little 'Ice Cream Ladies' series that I have displayed as raffle prizes. So, being the ever verbose raconteuse I am, I regale her with my story of how I started painting the series because of being sick and tired of how our society has women terrified of growing old...yadda yadda.... and making her laugh. We start bantering back and forth and her voice is noticeably hoarse, but in a sort of sultry way and she comments that she feels ridiculous to have such a sexy voice at the age of 91 (!!91! May the gods and goddesses bless me with her verve and elan at even part way to that age!) She feels that this voice is perhaps wasted on her and I pipe up with you can always use a telephone and perhaps have a new career, which prompts her to say, "Career? Well maybe I should let you know what my career was." and then proceeds to tell us that she was one of the 'Enigma' code breakers from World War 2 - yeah -that super secret how-we-won-the-war heroines!
Well, you coulda blown me away with a feather! This is a part of awesome FEMALE history before me - and one of, if not THE reason you and I live in the freedom we do! She then bought a raffle ticket and me'n'Hottie are trying to figure out how we can rig the raffle so that she can win the pic she really likes. We carry on like this for a bit when I just turn to "H" and say "This is nuts! I'm just going to give her the painting!" (the power of being the artist at work right there)
Anyheroineworshipway, I walked up to her and did just that and you know what? She cried she was so touched.
Man, no bigger compliment ever given.
That's a stellar day folks.
 Couldn't find a pic of her but I did find this: 

......and what this is, is a photo of the 'Collossus' computer that the girls (and that's not an epithet because they were all in their early 20's at the time) used to break the German code to discover the secrets of the Nazi war machine.
Take a look at the size of that baby.
So, there we go kiddos, tonight's bedtime story as it is almost 11pm and I'm off to bed.  Then gotta be back at Art Show headquarters at 8:30 am in the morn to wrap it all up - ie: dismantling all the screens and plinths and boards and making sure all the artists get their work.
Considering I got up at 8:15 this morning, I might be pushing it a tad.
Good thing I live 5 mins away from town.

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