Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whatever you do, don't look down.....don't look up either.....

There is no way to accurately describe the complete insanity of my life currently...... Remember that great plan down there in the last post of the fantastic 'automata' sculpture I was working on?
Well, we've rebuilt it 3 times now. AND remade the 'Surfer dude'. AND recut the cogs 4 times. AND run to the hardware store so often all the 'guys' know me by name now.
Add to this the fact I still need to paint 2 paintings. Icluding making the stretcher bars and stretch/prep of the canvas.
For the Artshow.
The day to hand in work is on Monday.
I'm on the 'intake' table.
From 10 am to 4 pm.
Then I have to interview 3 people for a coordinators position for the Art Society.
After which there's a special emergency meeting of the art society board. I'm Prez.
All I can add to this is that I broke my toe last night too.

The painting is a mystery. But I sure like it! It came from a blog called except when I went there to find out the title and artist - it was nowhere to be found.
Perfectly understandable in the current chaos of this time.

And 'spellcheck' isn't working.

Ah, Life is nothing if it isn't an adventure.

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