Wednesday, April 4, 2012

*GASP*** There! you can see. OK. Here's the thing about the title. I generally post pics of my paintings here on my Blog but I also run them on my Facebook page - that's great feedback for me and I gauge a painting's interest from the level of response it gets.
However, and that's a loaded however, I've never posted any 'nudes' on my page, mostly 'cause I don't generally paint them.
But here's my latest.
And you can't argue about it being nude. The strange thing is I was going to 'clothe' the figure but I'm pretty much in love with that body and the way the whole feeling of this painting is so retro/pinup. (that's collograph printing in the background, something I just taught myself to do and am pretty much entranced by currently)
Anyalwayssomethingwiththisgalway, I've put out the question on FB asking the 'peeps' how they feel about me posting some nude art.
THAT should start something.
I'll keep you posted.
UPDATE......Well. And well again.
According to my pals over on FB, who are all in favor of posting this, Facebook would most likely suspend my membership if I post such an image as this. They have suspended people for posting breastfeeding images.
It is crazy because, in truth, some of the pics I've seen on there are pretty questionable.
There you go though.
'Big Brother' alive and well.
It does have me wondering about 'censorship' and social media, though. I'm pretty sure my never-ending-story-brain will be mulling this topic over.
THAT ought to keep ME going.

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