Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ah boy. Geez Willikers. Put some blinders on my peepers, anywhatagoofway.
Once again I have been caught by the visual appearance of an object and purchased it without really finding out if it lives up to the 'packaging'......sigh bloody sigh.
I needed a watch. Although the wearing of one is not something I do a lot. But every once in a while, I need to know what time it is to be on time for a meeting or somesuch. And my old timepiece had gone the way of the dead. And I don't use my cell phone except when I travel. (....that's a WHOLE other story. )
Yes, well, so we bought this fabulously funky watch off the amazon site - it was big. It was easy to read. It was full of dials. It looked like some old aviator's watch like my Dad used to have. But best of was bright orange. 
OOOOO.......eye candy indeed.
And I was pretty excited when I got it yesterday.
Then I discovered you need to have a JEWELLER to remove the casing to put in the very-much-essential-to-operating battery.
So there it sits. Looking swell. Looking 'arty'.
But totally useless because until I manage to travel to a big place.....I'm shizzly out of luck.
Sometimes being visually oriented is a curse.
The Painting is, of course, intantly recognizable as Salvidor Dali's iconic 'Melting Watch'. My dearly loved boyfriend in Gr.12 was so into him. My fav painting of his was 'Rememberance of Chilhood'...I think, anywazoo, it's the one of a young boy pulling up a corner of the sea to uncover a sleeping dog.
Awe inspiring.
And not wearing a watch.

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