Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next up...!

Acrylic with Derwent 'Inktense' Pencil
30 X 36

...a wee bit of a change, non? Due to the Sidney Fine Arts Show coming up for submissions and this particular show is, shall we say, a bit more conservative than the Sooke one. And for some reason I've been thinking about people and their pets. And realizing even if I'm not that great a fan of dogs, I DO like to paint them.
The 'Inktense' pencil is a newish discovery I made. They are a pencil crayon type of medium but the 'lead' is a hard form of a vibrant ink that will mix when water is added....kind of like watercolor pencil crayons except the 'ink' dries permanent when dry. I've found that it mixes into acrylic beautifully and gives an added dimension, especially for shading under skin tones.
My current fav thing.
And on another note, I had someone ask me if I was into being included on a 'Studio' tour.....oh, if only. I'd love to say yes to that but the living situation I am in is counter productive to having visitors. It's partly the abysmally small digs but mostly the fact I live with 'pig-boy' and this place is visually akin to a Rothko. His 'Black' series.
We soldier on.
Excited to paint #2! Chiauauas! And that is spelt right......I need to do a cat as well, just 'cause Jams will sulk if her side is ignored.
You know it is so.
She is currently driving me mad with the in/no out routine.
See? Already she protests the exclusion.

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